Travel Agensy WordPress Theme – Adventure Tours: Adding and Setting Up Tours

Adventure Tours is one of the greatest Travel Agensy WordPress theme. It takes best from two worlds – it has nice, clean, responsive design and powerful functionality. We recomend this theme to all our clients. But if you purchased it and want to set up and customize we’ll tell you how to do it.

I hope you (or your partner) allready have installed Adventure Tours theme. You can install it like eny other Wordpress theme. Also how to install and set up Adventure Tours theme actually you can find out from oficial documentation. In this post we’ll tell you how to add and set up tours. You can also check out our video if you prefer it.

Working with the tours is one of most powerful theme’s options. And everything starts from Tour section in admin area.

So log in WordPress Dashboard of your websit and navigate to Tour section like on the image below. There you’ll see you existing (or demo) tours list. You can hover on eny tour in the list and use “Edit”, “Quick Edit”, “Trash” and “Preview” links to edit, quick edit, delete or preview your tours correspondly. To create a new tour you should use “Duplicate” link. (Notice. You cann’t use “Add New” button.)

Next you will see adding new tour screen with data from your old tour. You just need to delete your old data and input new one.

First input your tour title and description.

Now you can press “Save Draft” button to save your changes and then press “Preview” button to see how your new tour looks no. My one looks like this:

We have two general tabs on tour page: Details and Photos. You can add some additional tabs. For example, Google Map tab with Google Maps frame. To do this go to section below and press “Add More Additional Tabs” button.

In adding new tab screen, add tab title and some tab content. To add Google Maps frame click adding shortcods icon and select “External Services” – “Google Map”.

In new screen input your place coordinates and other options. And click “Insert Shortcode” button. After that save draft, preview your page and you will see new “Google Map” tab on your page.

You can add another tabs with different options via shortcodes: for example timelines or product carousels. To see all avalible shortcodes list and descriptions check offitional theme documentation.

Below you can set header options. For now you have hero image from old tour (as we are editing old data from duplicated tour). You can replace old hero image with your new one. To do that just press “Choose file” button and choose new smage. Or you can set to display photo slider in header section (you need to create some slider via Slider Revolution section under main menu). Or you can set another options – you can play with this settings.

And one of the most impotent tour settings is “Tour data”. In this section you can set tour price and another optios. This data will be used to filter you tous in tour search form.

First, go to the “Tour data” section and, in “Price” tab, input your tour price (per person). You also can specify “Sale price”:

One more importent option is Tour Attributes. This is is additional information you can specify for each tour. For example, window view, or tour duration, or lunch including. I would like to specify window view options: sea, sity center or mountains. Tour duration could be 1-3 days, 4-6 days, 7-9 days and 10+ days. Lunch could be included or not. This options could be used by your customers to find tour on their requirements later.

First you need to create attributes and their values or terms. Window view, tour duration and lunch including will be attributes. Sea, sity center, mountains / 1-3 days, 4-6 days, 7-9 days, 10+ days / yes, not – will be terms.

So, go to “Products” – “Attributes”. You will sea an attributes list – it is empty now. To add new attribute input attribute name, attribute slug (slag is special system notation of your attribute – only letters, numbers and hyphens are avalible, no spaces), attribute icon, other optoins and press “Add attribute” button.

You will sea a new attribute in the list. Now you should set its terms. To do that click “Configure terms” link.

You will sea terms list (it is empty now) right and adding terms form left. Add some “Window View” terms (name and slug).

You will see tham in the list. And now they will be avalible in the editing tour page.

So, go back to editing our Nice Tour page. Refresh page or save draft. Go to “Tour data” – “Attributes” tab. Click on “Custom product attribute” fild and select attribute name from drop down list – “Window View”. Press “Add” button.

You’ll see addind attribute value field. Click it, select your values and press “Save attribute” button.

Now your attribute will be added to the tour. It will be displaied on the tour page. And users shall be able to filter your tours by this option.

You also can specify your tour category, add / change tour main image (it will be displaied in tours list), and add / change gallery photos.

Once you’ll finish press “Publish” button. Your tour will be published on the website. Now my tour page looks like this:

In next posts I’ll show you how to set up tour lists and how to customize website home page. Believe me it’s easy.

Hope you’he enjoyed reading. Will sea in next post. And good luck. Take care 🙂