SMM – devil is in details: Facebook ad campaign objective

On the one hand Facebook tries to simplify ad campaign settings so even beginer could set it up. On the other hand, it increasingly improving the algorithms to give the marketer the opportunity to reach his audience as much as possible and get more sales. As a result trivial things like campaign objective, budget, and audience, provide professionals with incredible opportunities to set up effective Facebook ads. But that requires advanced adjustments.

In this post, we will review the ideas from Michel Morgan’s report (Clix Marketing) at the Search Marketing Expo West session. And we’ll tolk about campaign objectives.

According to Michelle, very important thing is the Facebook ads campaign objective. Rather, fine-tuning the objective. Without that, we will “waste the budget.”

What am I talking about? Easy:

Focus on conversion action

The Facebook algorithm optimizes ad campaign for the conversion action that you selected when creating a campaign. You will be able to use any goals, including standard and custom.

And you can use conversion actions you need to provide Facebook necessary data to optimize your campaign:

  • Subscription Levels
  • Number of Items Purchased
  • Order Value
  • Employee Accounts
  • Industry

Actually, to complete the conversion, you can add a form with the field in which you will receive any relevant information about the client. (Of course, you want only request general, non-sensitive information – this is all about your marketer mastery to use it. And, of course, you don’t want to add too many fields, less fields – more sales.) And based on this relevant information you can generate data for the Facebook targeting algorithm.

Let’s consider the example:

B2B company example: Tracking large clients

There is a form client have to complete on our company web-site. There is the field asking client about his employees amount in this form (obviously, more employees – more company’s revenue). And there are some settings which help us to optimize our Facebook ad company. The settings are:

Using Google Tag Manager to get particular data

Facebook script

Custom coversions

To create custom coversions we set Web-site event to “Coversion” and Event options to defferent employees amount options. Now we can track employees amount and we can pass it to Facebook to optimize campaign.

In the following posts, we’ll look at budgets and audiences. While audiences are is very very important option – everybody admit that – budget settings also can help us to improve (reduce costs) of the campaign.