Creating Ad Groups for AdWords: Following Google Recommendations vs. Own Considerations

Google is powerfull organizatoin: huge, usefull sevices. Actually Google rules in Serch Kingdom. And it ask us follow its rules. Usually they provide us very usefull and important recommendations. But sometimes…

Sometimes you should be known there is not eny silver bullet. There is not solution that work in every case. And this is not Google’s fault. Thay can’t cast silver bullets to. And you should use your mind and follow your own considerations.
Here you can see a video if you don’t like read 🙂

What am I talkink about? Let’s consider the scenario – you are selling some blue things. There are different kinds of blue things avalible on the market. Some people prefer particular kind and particular brand of blue things. Some people just want high-quality / low-prise blue things (for example, somebody prefers particular sort / brand coffe, somebody simply like good coffe). So, you are coming in market with some new product and offering blue things from Canada. Very few people serching “blue things from Canada” exactly. But ones doeing it – your first clients.

You are going to Google AdWords (Google Ads soon) and fatching terms like “blue things from canada”, “canadian blue things”, “blue things from canada low price”, “buy canadian blue things” etc. You are creating ads and adding link to your shop page or some landing page. But…

But you want offer you blue things not only to “blue things from canada” serchers. You want target ads on people serching for “blue things”, “buy blue things”, “purchase blue things”, “blue things low price”. And now we have collision. Google recomends to create one Ads group per one page. But you actually have only one page – your catalogue page  or landing page (in perfect world you should have different landings for different auditory – but we’re considering simple scenario).

So, if you follow recomendatios you must have one ads group with terms:

“blue things from canada”,

“canadian blue things”,

“blue things from canada low price”,

“buy canadian blue things”,

“blue things”,

“buy blue things”,

“purchase blue things”,

“blue things low price”, etc.

But wait a moment! If I want to get high CTR I should create very relevant ads. – Yes, you are right. Tharer are less chanses that people serching “blue things” click on your ad:

“Perfect canadian blue things – High quality, low price”

People don’t know canadian blue things yet. So now thay don’t trust them. It will be better if you shall create ad:

“Nice blue things – Really worth you consideration”

and when people (they looked for just “blue things” – you remember) shall click on your ad and land on your page you’ll start to promote canadian blue things exactly.

On the other hand, if people already KNOW canadian blue things and are looking for tham – you HAVE to provide tham ad “Perfect canadian blue things – High quality, low price”. You’ll get CTR 3-4x higher.

So now. You remember – Google are cool guys but they can not cast silver bullets. Maybe yet. So, IMHO you can follow your own cosiderations and create one ad for the terms with “canadian”, and another one for terms without “canadian”. And complete tham with relevant ads (a few at least).

This is our experience. But I always sayes: “Another people’s experience is a reason to make your own researches. It is NOT a reason to make your decisions. You should make your decisions using results of your own researches”.

And Instead of Conclusion

There are another possible scenarios. If people search “blue things arizona”, “blue things cleveland” and you’re able to deliever you nice canadian blue things to Arizona and to Cleveland you can use it in particular ad groups.

Or you target people speaking another language (french, spanish, ukrainian, russian, etc.) but understanding english (french, spanish, ukrainian, russian, etc.) you can create different ads groups fou different languages keywords with different languages ads and one landing page. If you are too lazy to create different landing pages. But better create number landing pages. And you and your clients will be happy. I wish you that.